For a long while I have been reading a continual flow of hateful, nasty, half true to untrue accusations against President Trump.

I would like to ask them and especially a few who write a volume of these letters a few things.

I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but do you think brash, accusatory, nasty language started with this president? Since he has been in office he has been assailed by every Democrat in this country with foul language. Please give us a break.

Do you think he is the first president to shuffle his department heads to fit his agenda? Look at our history.

Do you think he is the first president to give us false information? If so, see your doctor the last president said you could keep.

Do you want to pass this country on to our grandchildren, in overwhelming debt, mired in controversy, Black hating whites, women hating men, poor hating the wealthy, our children being taught to hate our country, open borders, kicking God to the side of the road, culture police at our doors, honest hard-working people used as banks and useful idiots to support a system that will be truly idiotic?

Well if you do, continue to vote for the modern Democratic Party.

With God's help, not on our watch.

Jay Broker