Back flexibility

Nancy Dale demonstrates pose for back flexibility.

Overlooking beautiful Wolf Lake in Sebring is a wonderful spot to relax and let go of tension in the company of fish, birds and the rippling water. When you pause on the edge of the pier reaching into the lake, the calmness seeps into the body and mind. As tension of the world is often lodged and locked in the spine, flowing with the wind and water awakens the spine to gradually lengthen without strain.

Pause for a few moments and find that spot in nature where you feel peace, harmony and silence. Stand in Tadasana, (Mountain Pose) with legs shoulder-width apart supporting the body and eyes closed, which challenges balance. If balance is not yet achieved, just bring the eyes into slits and stand tall. Tadasana is a consciousness that brings attention to strength and lengthened posture. Tadasana brings awareness to breathing fresh air into the lungs, oxygenating the blood and circulating it throughout the physical body. When the flow of fresh oxygenated blood flows into the body through deep inhales and exhales, everything loosens. The mind flows into a deepened body consciousness

Often, we move through life almost “unconscious,” overspending time on non-thinking technology taking over thinking. Yoga is a practice to go inward. Yoga is a practice to slowly release toxins through exhales. When physical waste is released from the body, the mind is more consciously liberated from conditioned thinking as we awaken individual choices of thoughts and actions with greater clarity.

When a person eats a grape, it is a conscious movement to know what is being taken into the body for health and wellness. It is a conscious choice. Habits are the best or worst culprit to expanding conscious awareness, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Awakening individual thinking in today’s world of programmed thinking, is a challenge and takes monitoring of thoughts. Thinking stimulates growth. Standing in Tadasana by Wolf Lake opens a world of fresh air and calmness to slowly and consciously begin a slow back bend which improves balance.

Yoga is an intentional, simple process that can be practiced anywhere but it is especially beneficial in the arms of nature. When you take yoga outside, the world disappears and inner consciousness begins to predominate. While slowly bending and rounding backwards with the arms lengthened skyward on each side by the ears, the neck moves into alignment with the same intentional rhythm without letting the neck strain backwards. It is all about lengthening. When doing Iyengar Yoga, emphasis is on concentration into each movement. Iyengar Yoga was created by B.K.S. Iyengar, who wrote the book, “Light on Yoga,” with techniques and pictures on 200 asanas (postures) based on a Universal philosophy and practice of spiritual awakening. In this type of yoga, the term used is lengthening, using the body’s own power, not stretching that depends on the use of equipment.

Thus, select that peaceful spot which may be right in front of you. Spread out the yoga mat, stand in the center and deeply breathe. Discover your peace and take it with you into everyday life. Also, expand that beautiful smile into the body to share with all you meet.

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