I have some questions for the youth that protested June 4, 2020 at U.S. 27 and Sebring Parkway. Before the questions, I commend you as you are exercising your right to protest in a peaceful manner. I hope you have learned through your history classes the cost that has been paid for your right to protest.

Now some questions: Certainly "black lives matter," but would you protest with a sign, "All lives matter"? or "White lives matter, too"? "Justice for George Floyd" is an undisputed cry. Were you at U.S. 27 and Sebring Parkway January 2019, with signs protesting the murder of five white women at Suntrust Bank? Consistency, where art thou?

"End police brutality" is a legitimate petition that demands attention and action now. Where are your signs of protest against brutal murders of innocent lives through abortion every day? Where is the "walk of solidarity" for these innocent victims?

You need to know where the bandwagon is going before you jump on it. If you don't understand this, ask your parents. Do you have any idea what it means to "Defund the police" and the consequences? Have you done any research on Black Lives Matter.org. and who supports it? Do you have any idea what the sign "No justice, no peace" proclaims? Look at what happened in many of our large cities and you will get the answer.

Your enthusiasm and energy is commendable. Just make sure it is in the right direction and based on knowledge and not uncontrolled emotions. Carrying signs will not get it done. Become better informed, do your own homework and then act with knowledge and responsibility.

Frank Parker