If you aren't familiar with dispensationalism, they are the ones who came up with the rapture. They say that Jesus will snatch His people off the earth before the end comes. The Left Behind books and movies are based on this. Apparently all dispensationalists are creationists.

Yet the teachings of dispensationalism are bizarre, to put it mildly. Take L.S. Chafer (1871-1952). According to Chafer, the Sermon on the Mount doesn't apply to Christians today, including the Lord's Prayer. The same goes for the teachings of John the Baptist.

"Though there are some common principles running through all these separate teachings, that Scripture which applies directly to the people of this parenthetical age of the Church will be found only in portions of the Gospels and in the Epistles of the New Testament." Portions of the Gospels? This is from Chapter XII of Chafer's book, Satan. The phrase "parenthetical age of the Church" refers to the claim that some part of God's plan is on hold. Chafer founded the Dallas Theological Seminary, so he is an important voice.

While Chafer thinks the Epistles are more relevant than the Gospels, he says that three chapters of Romans don't apply to Christians today.

Dispensationalist Christianity is backwards, inside out and upside down from what was taught by Baptist and Methodist ministers. Be wary of dispensationalism.

Dale L. Gillis