During sheltering at home, I was introduced to ‘hanging out’ with my granddaughter.

Through the magic of technology (and, to me it is just that!), my granddaughter’s beautiful face was right there on the computer screen and her voice came across clear as a bell.

After some catching up and giggling for a while, we would get down to the business at hand.

Like every other student during this crisis, she became instantly home-schooled online with her teacher. She is a hard worker and devoted student and will first do her school work before getting on to chat.

Besides enjoying seeing one another face to face, we have an even more important purpose to our chat. A Christian school student, she is learning a new Scripture verse every week.

She is quite good at memorization but asked if I had any tips or ideas I could share to make it easier.

“Sure,” I replied.

And that began the joy of our online memorization project.

Memorizing Scripture over the years, I’ve found that if I understand the meaning of the verse, it sticks to my mind better. However, if all I do is memorize words and phrases, it’s not only more difficult to remember; but it doesn’t mean anything to me.

So, we read the verse together and I would ask her pertinent questions to see if she understood what she was reading and memorizing.

One of her verses was 1 Peter 3: 8 & 9 NKJV which says, “Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous, not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.”

To help her understand compassion, I reminded her of a kindness she had shown to her mom when she wasn’t having the greatest day. How she had a tender heart to her feelings.

Now she had a picture in her mind that was relatable to the verse. She understood this was being written to believers.

Reviling was another of those words that could cause confusion. So, we talked about tossing nasty words back and forth when someone says something unkind to you … insult for insult. Instead, the Lord is asking us to do just the opposite (contrary).

Blessing is what God requires of us so that, in turn, he may bless us.

When we memorize with understanding, the Holy Spirit will impress that truth on our hearts when needed.

Beautiful words of life. Selah

Jan Merop, a columnist with the Highlands News-Sun for 31 years, resided in Sebring for 28 years; now living in North Carolina. Visit her blog Journeying with Jan @ pauseandconsider.net.^p