For those who may not know. These are only some of what Republicans believe.

1. Government is not the solution to domestic social problems.

2. Religion and the belief in God is vital to a strong nation.

3. Lower taxes.

4. A strong military.

5. Gun control violates the second amendment.

6. Abortion is murder.

7. Capital punishment is good.

8. Putting America first.

9. Policies that bring back supply chains from overseas.

10. Massive deregulation.

11. Fair and reciprocal trade.

12. American energy independence.

13. Investing in America’s workers and families.

14. Achieving a secure border.

15. Restoring American leadership abroad.

16. Serving and protecting our veterans.

17. Making our communities safer.

18. Educational opportunities for all.

19. Safe guarding the environment.

20. A conviction that our debt crisis is real and must be addressed.

These beliefs are first and foremost, for the betterment of our country and not just political beliefs.

Gail Henneman

Lake Placid

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