I never write letters to the editor, but with the recent onslaught of letters swinging from the far left liberal progressive side to the far right conservative Tea Party side, I must respond. The caustic, virtual use of language and name calling of these letters does not merit reading them. The use of this space would be better used posting sports scores.

We live in the time of anger, resentment, and distrust politically, economically and religious. Leaders of both parties are guilty of fake news, wrong news and downright misrepresentation of their constitutional duties and responsibilities.

Every elected official from the local to state and federal levels, represent those that voted for them, those that did not vote for them and even those that did not bother to vote.

Those of us that read the Sunday paper dated April 26, 2020 should look at the Lockhorns for the following statement: "The problem is you can't agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable."

Come on folks, we are better people that that. Our beliefs, religious, moral and political require that we should act civil and show our opponent the proper respect.

John Richards