Miguel Arceo’s recent column got me thinking about our local politics and how it connects to our national politics. He asks why more local “liberal” Democrats don’t step up to run for Highlands County offices. He states many races are settled in the primaries because the Republican candidates run unopposed. I think, because of past history, some Democrats are not jumping into races because of the cost of the race vs. the odds against winning. I think it may have something to do with their blind support of the national democrat party. Teddy Roosevelt said “If you want to anger a conservative, lie to them. If you want to anger a liberal, tell them the truth."

Read the newspaper every day and you’ll find plenty of reasons not to tie yourself to the democrat party. I would think if you don’t agree with what the national party stands for, you may want to leave the party, become an Independent and run as one. Then you can be honest and clear about what you do and do not support. Do you support burning, looting, rioting and killing police in major democrat cities? Do you support defunding the police? Catch and release of dangerous criminals? Antifa terrorists and their cowardly attacks on innocents? Do you support redistribution of wealth by higher taxes? Entitlements, welfare abuse and fraud? Do you support legal or illegal immigration?

Do you support abortion? Late term? Do you support the dismembering and selling of the “parts” by Planned Parenthood? Do you support the job killing “New Green Deal,” rewriting our Constitution, stacking the Supreme Court, or eliminating the Electoral College? Do you support the enslavement of African-Americans by a welfare system that took away opportunity and traded it for some crumbs and food stamps?

I look for Miguel’s column every week. I think he gives subjects a lot of thought and he cares about his county, his country and his fellow man. And he’s 17, soon to be 20. Churchill said, Anyone who was not a liberal at 20 had no heart, while anyone who was still a liberal at 40, had no head.

Robert Fromhartz