Stacked carefully are several favorite books that my husband Ken bought for me. I’ve read and re-read them over the years.

Holding them safely upright are two brass colored bookends. On the one end, sits a girl engrossed in a book; while on the other, a boy perusing the printed page. They reflect support … of holding things together.

It’s a good picture of how marriage should work.

For example, I recently decided to take up sewing again with the purpose of being part of a ministry that creates simple clothing for children in desperate need overseas.

I had sewed many years ago but am a novice now. I bought a simple sewing machine and had to learn how to thread the machine first of all.

That’s where my ‘bookend’ came in.

Ken set up the computer next to my sewing machine and popped in the teaching CD. He sat patiently at my side pausing the CD when necessary and helping me understand the instructions. His moral support was invaluable.

Once the machine was threaded, I sewed a few stitches just for the thrill of it. But I still have a way to go as I look forward to more instructions from a sewing friend.

A few days later, Ken needed his ‘bookend’ to accompany him on a photo shoot.

Writing responsibilities were pressing on me but we agreed that we would take a ride to see where this place was located. However, once there we couldn’t ignore the good lighting and opportunity to take pictures right then.

“Go ahead, take some shots,” I said.

And, so, I held a piece of equipment or scouted out some good angles. I came alongside him and gave him moral support being available where he needed me.

At one point as I waited for him to finish a series of photos, I thought, “I need to get home to write.” But the Lord reminded me of Ken sitting beside me that Sunday afternoon to help me learn the basics of my sewing machine.

Surely, I could do likewise for him. For we know that when we serve the Lord by serving each other, he will fill in any gaps or time concerns in his inimitable way. What interests Ken blesses me. What interests me blesses Ken. Together we please the Lord.

As it says in Philippians 2:4 NKJV, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4, NKJV.

Be bookends for each other … securely holding one another. Selah

Jan Merop, a columnist with the Highlands News-Sun for 30 years, resided in Sebring for 28 years; now living in North Carolina. Visit her blog Journeying with Jan @