SEBRING — Over 100 golfers participated in the 10th Annual Bubba’s Redneck Yacht Club charity fundraising golf tournament on Saturday at the Sebring International Golf Course.

“We started 10 years ago in Okeechobee” said Laura Jones, organizer who runs Bubba’s Redneck Yacht Club, Inc. charitable organization, “we have been holding the here since 2015. We raise money for scholarships for needy children. We also have guidance counselors that come to us if they have a student in need.

“We have helped out with electric bills, illnesses, medical bills and funerals over the years.”

Bubba’s Yacht Club is not really a yacht, instead it is a tackle store owned by Bubba that started this venture to help the community, who has since passed away, but kept alive by Jones and several friends.

“We are more of a redneck yacht club in that we do everything by the seat of our pants” added Jones “we like to have fun and raise money.”

Results of the tournament are the following:

Coming in first place with a 58, one stroke ahead of three other foursomes were the team of Josh Stanley, Doug Vest, Robert Garcia and Jason Kuhlerind.

Three teams finished with 59, in no particular order, were (1) Josh Padgett, Jeb Chandler, Brandon Shockley and Taylor Trent; (2) Steve Marchant, Randy Whaley, Bear Booker and Winn Stephens; (3) Tracy Robbinson, Mike Micco, Johnny Jones and Donovan Osceola.

Fifth place with 60 – Kyle Bryner, Aaron Suarez, Phillip Suarez and Joe Palladino.

Sixth place with 61 – Donnie Robertson, Bob Scott, Larry Gabor and Ed Gabor.

Two teams tied for seventh place with 62: (1) David McCormick, Brian War, Tim Higgins and Tony Conant; (2) Mark Hester, Morgan Ungerott, Danny Eldred and Amy Eldred.

Two teams tied for ninth place with 64: (1) Ron Trent, Lynn Hartzell, John Trent and India Riedel; (2) Wayne Corbin, Ron Mixon, Steve Taylor and Jamie Lewis.

Three teams tied at eleventh plance with 65: (1) Joseph Szeatmartoni, Mario Medrano, Steve Steirel and Kevin Sewell; Jarred Joiner, Greg Joiner, Jonathan Hedrick and Bryan Stokes; (3) Bruce Homer, Dean Mobley, Kent Bethel.

Fourteenth place with 66: Chuck Stamm, Mason Faulk, Danny Denton and Kevin Coleman.

Three teams tied for fifteenth place with 67: Bryan Enderie, Kenny Jones, Josh Campbell and Ryan Gabor; (2) Bob Cornell, Monica Raulerson, Andrew Jutin and Ertle Jacob; (3) Jason Tomlinson, Russ Ryan, Eric Brown and John Rickards.

Four teams tied at eighteenth place with 68: (1) Jamie Hickson, Kirk Bell, Richard Griffin and Danny Griffin; (2) Mike Dexter, Steve Koerner, Voley Marbin and Mike Parker; (3) Jeff Vest, Jeffrey Vest, Moe Madrigal and Danny Stinnett; (4) Shane Altman, Red Altman, Noel Stephens and Steve Brantley.

In twenty-second place with 69 was Billy Dean, Danny Shube, John Burdeshaw and James Stammer.

The teams of (1) Jacob Dupree, Billy Allen, Landon Duffy and Mason Joiner and (2) Scott McDoughald, Steve Stokes, Zac Brown and Leeann Brown both finished with a 70 and the team of Dave Sheedy, Ronnie Bridges, Donnie Thomas and Matt Stokes finished with a 74.

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