If you consider yourself a “Never-Trumper” and went along with the slogan, “Anyone but Trump,” I wonder, who do you like? Are you happy with Joe Biden? No, of course not. Everyone knows he is one step away from dementia. He is nothing more than a talking figurehead, barely at that, the Dems put out there. He’s just a puppet.

It’s not right for people to be using him like that. Everyone is using him. The Squad is using him for their agenda, socialism and their radical warped ideas. The Democrats in our government who have been “hijacked” by The Squad are now “one in the same,” want their power back, are using him. The Trump-hating media are using him by giving “softball interviews” trying to make him look like someone he is not to fit their narrative. His family should not allow him to do this and put his health first. Besides his wife, who is his family? Hunter? Hunter can’t be any help; he’s a mess.

Even with Joe’s past corrupt history, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. I don’t think that psychologically speaking he will make it until November. So, all Biden supporters were hoping he would pick their favorite Democrat as vice president, though it’s not him really making the pick. If he did not pick your favorite, you are still a winner. You can never lose because his choice is wired and thinks exactly like your choice. Open borders, no vetting, do away with ICE, defund the police (they hate them), let inmates out no matter how dangerous they are, let the rioters loot, destroy and burn the Democratic run cities. They are all against the First Amendment (freedom of speech, freedom of press, right to peaceably assemble) and Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms). They are all in on the insane Green New Deal. They see no problem with late term abortion (taxpayer funded, of course). Church and God to them is like kryptonite to Superman.

Kamala Harris is probably the most radical of the choices. She is a total hypocrite, very condescending and underneath that fake smile and cackling laugh is a lot of pure hatred for anyone that is not on her side. She wants nothing more than to make life miserable and get even with those that dare to go against her warped agenda.

The Democrats are the true racists. Whites, as they see it, are “privileged” just because of their skin color and should bow down and apologize for it. They are racist to people of color because they lie to them constantly how whites hate them; Republicans hate them and most all cops are out to get them. The cops are not out to “get” anybody unless you are breaking the law being an idiot. Yes, there can be a very small percentage of bad cops and on rare occasions, a psycho one. Just remember, small percentage and they are found in all professions. Some can be masters at hiding that “bad” side, fooling everyone. They could be one of your friends, neighbors, or maybe even in your own family. Common sense tells us that we do not hold all cops accountable for the actions of a few bad ones.

Nancy Pelosi talking about “Stormtroopers,” get real! Then on second thought, that kind of actually makes sense. Maybe she was talking about the Stormtroopers in “Star Wars” not Nazi’s. I’ve said for the last three or four years, Nancy Pelosi reminds me of a “robot” that shorts out on occasion. It was strange to see a clip of her years ago talking and actually making sense. What happened? All the Dems appear to be going along with The Squad on socialism, so they should move to Venezuela so they can all embrace it.

Is this what you want for our country? Do you actually hate our president so much, you would be willing to sacrifice your country? You may hate his personality, think he’s mean, gruff, arrogant and hate his Tweets. By now you may even hate his looks and the way he walks. You may think he is the ultimate bully, especially if you have been bullied and never addressed it. President Trump typically does not bully first but those that bully him get verbally blasted and a sledge hammer in return. He is not racist. Way too many people of color support him now and it’s growing. Everyone knows the Dems made up that racist lie in a lame attempt to get votes.

I do not have room in this column to list all the great things President Trump has done for this country. Just realize he stands for the opposite of everything the Dems of today want. These are not your mom and dad’s Dems. President Donald Trump has gotten back respect for the United States on the world stage. That has been long overdue. Regardless of what you may believe or led to believe, President Donald Trump loves our country and all its people. Many Democrats who were against President Trump are now with him 100%. Google Candace Owens and Leo Terrell. They were honest with themselves, really looked at both sides and they saw the light. Can you see the light?

Robert Gilbert is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.^p