I am a current COVID-19 patient in AdventHealth hospital in Sebring. My journey started with flu symptoms on April 27. Temperature, general feeling of ill and nausea. The little bit of food I was able to eat flushed right through. I was popping Tylenol every four to six hours and had voluntarily quarantined myself since onset of symptoms, just in case. On Monday, the doctor decided to take CV-19 samples from myself and my wife, which both came positive. At the same time, pneumonia and antibiotics were added to the fray.

Local health department got involved immediately with advice and quarantine processes. The ladies were good to work with and showed remarkable understanding and professionalism. Despite all efforts to combat the virus the disease accelerated rapidly thereafter leading to a call to local EMS on Friday, May 8th; by then I was too weak to take a car ride to hospital. We chose to head to AdventHealth facility in Sebring.

The EMS staff turned out to be very attentive, efficient and professional. They had no clue who I was yet they showed utmost care and respect — heroes in my book. It is not the shiny EMS vehicles, but the strong men and women who work in them. Thank you guys!

The EMS dropped me to AdventHealth ER. My amazement of the efficiency, care and professionalism of the staff and doctors in ER kept growing. Made me wonder if this was just an anomaly. After being transferred to ICU, I have since learned it is rather the norm. I am glad about that since my wife was brought in two days ago and is now right next door being treated as well. We are sharing staff and a wall — both of us in strict isolation.

We could not be taken care by better staff and doctors who are on top of the latest. Every step away the staff have shown great professionalism, and do not treat us just as a number in ICU. They all have been personable, patient, understanding and certainly know what they are doing.

Our journey is not over but we are getting better. A huge factor in the progress has been the men and women who have rallied around us and keeping us constantly impressed of how encouraging and strong they are. We are in good hands ... in God’s and the AdventHealth staff.

Thank you all!

Rev. Esa Ontermaa