Caregivers are important for many reasons. While many of our patients are married and have spouses to help with their needs, many people do not. So who constitutes a caregiver? Really, just about anyone who helps someone else with tasks that they can no longer perform.

Perhaps it’s helping with a bath or vacuuming the house. Maybe picking up the paper and putting it at the neighbor’s door every morning. How about walking someone’s pup so that they can continue to keep their companion? So many little things are so important. Providing a ride to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments or the hair salon is so appreciated by those in need. The list is really endless.

If you are a caregiver in any form of the word, then you also know how important it is to be able to communicate with these people that you are helping. It’s a good thing when you can actually carry on a conversation in the car together on the way to the doctor’s office or at the restaurant.

As a caregiver, your input is invaluable. Whether you are a spouse, friend, or child, we invite you to come to their appointment with them if they are in agreement. If you are both having a difficulty or are miserable trying to have an enjoyable time together then, by all means, let us know so that we can adjust the hearing instruments with your voice being taken into consideration. We can do this in noise and with a measurement test called “Live Speech Mapping.” You don’t have to just sit in the waiting room. Talk to “your person” and see if they would like you to be a part of their adjustment appointments. It’s fun and enlightening for all.

To Hear Better Is To Live Better!

Roseann B. Kiefer, B.A., BC-HIS, is owner of Lampe and Kiefer Hearing Aid Center, Sebring. This information is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure your condition. Always talk to your doctor before following any medical advice or starting a diet or exercise program.