Approximately six weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor about a person and or persons removing and or defacing copies of a local publication that has been in circulation for over four years.

The papers have been distributed throughout Highlands County and shipped elsewhere in the United States. Because of the ongoing loss of these publications, our readers and our supporters have not had the access they have come to expect.

The cost of printing and distributing has been borne by our members and supporters.

This past week one of the lead members (we know his name) of a local organization bent on stopping the publication and distribution was caught removing approximately 50 copies in an attempt to disrupt our circulation. When questioned he admitted he was removing them so they would not be available for others to read and other members of his organization were removing them from as many of our other locations as possible.

This group has been disrupting other groups in Highlands County.

Their goa,l from our prospective, is to intimidate those that do not believe what they believe and obviously think they can shut others down or cause them to disappear.

They are sadly mistaken, and should know that we are using whatever legal means we can to stop their unlawful actions.

Their actions and attitude toward others is not (typical or necessary) of Highlands County residents. For that I say Thank You.

John Larsen