A gentleman from Avon Park summed up my feelings on the current administration in a recent letter. The current White House occupant has managed to enthrall an audience of loyal ‘fans’ who will goose-step behind his every lie and every self-serving action. The weaklings follow him like hungry mules after a carrot because he provides cheap entertainment.

I wonder what happens when the entertainment is over and the US finds itself locked in a dictatorship. The signs are already there: The incessant negativity toward free press, the juvenile badgering of an opposing political party, the dehumanization of anyone who contradicts his opinion, attacks against Democratic governors, etc. No one is safe from the barrage of insults that spew from this empty suit.

He has made multiple comments about not exiting office when time is up as the people may not like it. The mob doesn’t supersede presidential term limits as set forth in the Constitution. Kissing up to right wing religious hacks and trying to infuse a particular religion into government is a dangerous undertaking. We do not subscribe to the Church of the United States.

A recent comment indicated that he had ‘total authority’ over the way the Trump-19 virus preparations are handled. Maybe at the Federal level but individual business owners and citizens will decide how they handle this pandemic.

In a democratic republic, there is loyalty to the office, not a person. The make-believe “president” needs to learn the difference between a presidency and a monarchy. I have no respect for a would-be leader who gets their daily briefings off of Fox News and who professes to know more than educated professionals. If ignorance is bliss, Fox News must be the happiest place on Earth.

Looking back through history, we can see how the ego of a single person can destroy millions of lives. Roman Emperors, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini are prime examples of what results when cheap entertainment ends and reality turns ugly.

Horace Markley