The picture showed up on my phone of a tiny newborn baby. I was immediately captivated and wondered for just a moment. Then I realized it was my nephew’s and niece’s long-awaited son and the rejoicing began.

About a week later, another picture came across on my phone. The tiny infant in his mother’s arms blessed me. It was my other niece holding her newborn baby boy.

Two cousins had entered our world just days apart. And my husband and I became Great Uncle and Aunt once again.

I know these two sisters-in-law cherish being moms. How wonderful it will be to share back and forth about their close-in-age little one’s progress.

When my son’s birthday comes around, I love celebrating with him. I also celebrate because of him. Not only was he born on that day, but I was given a new name, Mommy.

Becoming Mommy meant the world to me and still does. For me, my dearest dreams were fulfilled in being a wife and mother. Nothing compares to that great gift of new life that snuggles close to you and whom you can love, teach and nurture … a cherished, heart-filled life’s journey.

As Mother’s Day approaches, celebrating new life and looking back on my own mother’s devotion to me and my brother; as well as my years of mothering gives rise to cherished memories and emotions.

When I was a teenager, I remember walking with my mom when several little boys ran by us.

“I hope I have boys one day,” I said.

Years later with the birth of my son and then the addition of two more sons through marriage, my mom remembered what I had said and remarked, “And the angel passed over and said ‘Amen!’”

Raising three energetic boys to become men of faith, character and integrity was a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything. And, the Lord has blessed these three with a bond for which we are heartily thankful.

Being a mom takes dedication, sacrifice, energy and flexibility. It is a responsibility and privilege. But it isn’t a journey to be taken alone.

Keeping God front and center is key. His wisdom flows to us when we abide in him and follow his directives in the Bible for raising children.

Proverbs 22:6 puts it this way, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (or ‘older’ as I’ve also seen it).

Abide in the Lord, enjoy every moment and season of mothering. Happy Mother’s Day! Selah

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