The coronavirus is not going to go away if we do not listen to the medical professionals. You had a previous article where a couple went to a diner and no one was wearing a mask. They are not going back until everyone complies. We are doing the same.

We went to a diner and sat outside thinking it would be safer outside. Waitress had no mask and when my husband went inside to pay, no one inside had one on either.

We went to a popular store yesterday for a few grocery items. They had a good system when this all started, but it has all gone away. No one is counting on the outside; the store was packed. My husband and I with the employees were the only ones wearing a mask. The employees are there for our benefit, and without them you would not have a place to shop. Think of the germs you might be passing to them.

I will only be going to the stores who care about their employees and their customers. The state has not passed where everyone should wear a mask around others, and that is why our numbers are going up.

Nancy DeMarco