Two days before Christmas I went to the Dollar Store to pick up some last minute things. I got in line behind a family consisting of a husband, wife and two darling children. While the cashier was ringing up their purchase, the Mrs. asked her husband to go find something she forgot. When he returned, the Mrs. told me to put my merchandise down on the counter then asked the cashier to include it in their purchase.

At first I was confused, but the Mrs. turned to me and said Merry Christmas and God bless. I told her she didn’t have to do that, to which she replied, “I know, but I wanted to do it.”

I gave her a hug, thanked her and said that I would pay it forward. Everyone around us smiled, and I could feel the Christmas spirit lift all of us. What a gift this couple gave to me and all who witnessed it.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. for your thoughtfulness and showing us all the true meaning of Christmas — kindness and doing for others.

Linda Richmond