As a former deputy clerk for the Clerk of Courts in another Florida county for a total of 17 years, I have some insight into the everyday operation of the many different divisions which comprise the whole office. It is imperative that all the divisions mesh seamlessly in operation, which benefits the patrons of those divisions, as well as the county in which the office is located.

It is very difficult for any person who is elected to an office, without knowledge of the day-to-day operations of that office, to achieve the above-stated goals of smooth and effective operation of the office. Many good people have been elected to such offices, but because of inexperience in the day-to-day operations, have stumbled on the inevitable roadblocks, especially if a number of employees who are well-trained in their jobs were to also be simultaneously replaced.

I am urging the voters of Highlands County to carefully consider all aspects of the race for Clerk of Courts and vote for continuity in that office by electing Jerome Kaszubowski as the incoming Clerk of Courts.

Jan Montgomery