We need to get over the idea we are spending too much government money whereas our children, grandchildren will be burdened to pay off our debt. We went off the gold standard in 1972. The almighty dollar is backed up today by the American people's self reliance. After all, we were founded on freedom and self reliance.

Our Congress should submit a plan for payback on every spending bill; that is called return on investment [ROI].

OK, let's get to the nitty gritty of this letter ... Instead of a $3 trillion bill that the House just approved, why wasn't it a $20 trillion bill with an attached [ROI] return on investment? We need to rebuild our road and bridge infrastructure, rebuild our hospital and medical system, make it the greatest system the world has ever known, rebuild our educational system, rebuild our national park and forests, conquer space, a stronger military, set up a major environmental program that will be the leader in protecting our planet and God's human nature. The program should have a strong emphasis on protecting and at the same time serve and protect the citizens that enjoy our great outdoors.

A program such as outlined would put millions of people back to work with meaningful jobs and our national debt could be paid off (in) 15 years. The social security would then be on sound footing and be something our children could count on. Instead of being burdened with debt, they would have the challenge to keep and make America even greater. To do this, we have to commit self reliance, our resilient, our resolve and our faith and interestingly enough this letter can be set in a mathematical formula. F+R+R+R+R=Success.

Buck Christian

Lake Placid