Consider the numbers

The only thing an assault weapon ban does is disarm law abiding citizens. Criminals will never obey the ban. Cities like Chicago have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Their crime rates are off the charts. Mexico has a complete gun ban, yet somehow the cartels manage to have machine guns and routinely go to war with the Mexican police. With an assault weapon ban, you disarm the law abiding citizens and hand a monopoly of force to the criminal element.

A 12-gauge shotgun with one trigger pull puts more bullets down range in a shorter period of time than a machine gun. The so-called assault weapons that are being targeted are not machine guns. When you strip away all of the hype and cosmetics, any handgun or rifle that accepts a detachable magazine can be construed to be an assault weapon because someone somewhere can manufacture a large capacity magazine for it. In WWI, aviators first shot at each other with pistols. Large capacity magazines were rushed into production for those pistols. As a result, a P-08 Luger manufactured in 1918 is an assault weapon because it takes a large capacity magazine.

The assault weapon ban is a stealth gun grab on 99.999% of all semi-automatic guns. The goal is to shove the second amendment into the dustbin of history. The plan is to give our rulers a monopoly of force. The purpose of the second amendment was to give the minority the means to defend itself from the dictatorship of the majority.

Jews for the second amendment have published a genocide chart depicting when the targeted populations were disarmed and when the genocides began. The cycle is as old as time. You must first disarm the targeted population before you can kill them.

You will never remove semi-automatics from America. A third of the population will not comply with your edict. Three out of a hundred will go to war when you kick their door in. At first blush that sounds trivial until you realize that 3% of 100 million is 3 million. Go for gun confiscation and you kick off a second civil war. That is insane when you consider the FBI statistics of 2018. In that year, rifles of all types killed 297 victims, compared to 1,515 victims killed by knives.

Darrell Cloud


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