Constitutional changes

Our representatives are now considering adding four more judges to the Supreme Court. This will, presumably, give them an opportunity to possibly control new appointees who will find in their favor.

The framers of the Constitution established the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches in an attempt to prevent the take over of our country by those who desire wealth and power in lieu of representing their constituents. Although controls were established our elected officials have become extremely greedy and much to powerful. We the people were to be served by our Federal government and they were the servants. This has done a complete reversal to the extent that we the people are now the servants. We serve our government as they direct. Through the years we have allowed minor concessions. Money is being printed and handed out to everyone whether needed or not. If we, as individuals, handled our money like the government we would declare bankruptcy … and I see that happening to the USA and runaway inflation is just around the corner.

Instead of increasing the number of Supreme judges, why not do something constructive. Revise the Constitution and establish 12 years as the maximum term for any judge with a third of the court retiring every four years. The state legislatures would approve and/or appoint all new judges.

This would be an excellent opportunity to also set eight- or 12-year limited terms for both the Senate and House of Representatives. The term limits would be inclusive of both Houses.

And lastly, it’s time to restrict the president’s Executive Privilege and Executive Pardon options.

If we, the people, are to stop this craziness it is time to take our voting seriously. It is time to start voting these incumbents with more than 15 years out of office and get some new representatives.

I have read that in 2010 85% of the incumbents from both parties were reelected. In 2008, the reelection percentage for House members was 94% and the Senate’s was 83%.

As for me, I will now vote for the best candidate running for office with less than six years experience in the position … regardless of political party.

Joe Pratt


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