To all Highlands Park Estates homeowners and residents: I have tried to educate our subdivision on the bullying from the Highlands County Commission with regards to the half million dollar clubhouse they forced on us, without a majority of owners being able to voice opinions, either for or against. Now they claim they are going to rent out our legally platted community clubhouse to non-owners. The park property was platted by the developer, reserving it for "community park and beach."

They have overspent our Special Benefit Taxing District, a tax account paid into by only HPE property owners. They do not have the legal right to allow people or organizations that do not live in HPE, nor paid into the Taxing District, to rent our clubhouse.

Even if you don't plan to use the half million dollar clubhouse, it is important to speak up and help prohibit non-owners from using our community clubhouse. Please email the commissioners or call to give your input, 863-402-6500.

Also, there is a Dollar General that has been approved to be built at the corner of Washington Boulevard and County Road 621. As far as I understand commercial development, a public hearing is supposed to be held, after a mailing to all affected property owners adjacent to the project site. Did a public hearing notice get mailed out to any of us in HPE?

A retail store at the entrance to our subdivision will cause a major traffic problem, coming and going. Call the commissioners, ASAP.

Beth Degnan

Lake Placid