I was a little shocked and disappointed that the Highlands News-Sun would print three negative letters on Christmas Day with the same old clap-trap about how Trump is a making the sky fall, bashes the media, is a pathological liar, malinger, etc., etc., oh hum!

This man has done more to bring out the elitist, give the people back their power, create a decent economy than any president has done in modern times. I do not care how much the naysayers bring out their microscopes on this president and shut their eyes to the lies, the contempt Washington has for its citizens, and the blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars they are just an empty bell ringing!

I often wonder how stupid do they think the rest of us are, and if they get their way and return us back to the corrupt way of doing things, in a few short years we all can discuss this matter further in the buses on the way to our concentration camps.

Jay Broker