Highlands County got another mixed bag as far as COVID numbers go on Friday when the Florida Department of Health released the daily coronavirus report. After coming off a good day on Thursday, where all the numbers were decreasing, the county saw an increase in new cases and more deaths but…

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Highlands County had its new cases of coronavirus increase by 21 per the Florida Department of Health’s daily COVID-19 update on Thursday – a small improvement over the past few days. In fact, most of the coronavirus numbers have seen some improvement.

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday threw her weight behind a “short, uniform lockdown” as the country grapples with a high level of coronavirus cases fueled by the spread of a more contagious variant first detected in Britain.

This week, Florida expanded eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines to all residents 16 and older. But across the state, more than 70,000 people still don’t have access to the vaccine. Those men and women are Florida state prisoners.

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Highlands County’s COVID numbers continue to climb as the week progresses. The only improvement to the Florida Department of Health’s daily coronavirus report is the slight decrease in the positivity rate. Unfortunately, the small increases in new cases everyday is building and more deaths h…

LAKE PLACID — Lake Placid High School Army JROTC cadets rolled up their camos and got busy washing cars on Saturday, March 27 at Caldwell Banker Highlands Properties on U.S. 27. The goal was to raise funds for items the battalion needs and a special trip.

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Highlands County had a bad showing when it came to daily coronavirus data when the Florida Department of Health release the daily update. Coming on the heals of a holiday weekend with low COVID-19 numbers, the county and state are national numbers are on the rise.

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Highlands County and Florida saw the typical holiday ‘bounce’ reflected in the COVID-19 numbers released by the Florida Department of Public Health on Monday. Previous holidays have seen several days of artificially low numbers, followed by several days of inflated figures, as data backlogs …

LONDON (AP) — Britain is planning to test a series of measures including “coronavirus status certifications” over the coming weeks to see if they can allow people to safely return to mass gatherings at sports arenas, nightclubs and concerts.

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Highlands County saw an increase of 23 new COVID-19 cases, with the release of numbers on Sunday by the Florida Department of Health. The new cases bring the total number of cases seen in the county to 7,755, which consists of 7,667 resident cases and 88 non-resident cases.

Highlands County added 15 more cases of COVID-19, according to the Florida Department of Health’s Saturday virus update. The county has now seen a total of 7,732 cases, with 7,630 of the cases found in residents and there have been 87 non-resident cases.

The county’s coronavirus numbers were on the rise heading into the holiday weekend. New cases were up and another death was reported. The only good news was the decrease in the positivity rate, though not as much as officials would like.

LONDON (AP) — The British government is gearing up to ban international arrivals from four more countries — Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines — amid concerns over new virus variants but opted against including France and other European nations that are facing a resurgence of th…

SEBRING — The Highlands County School District had only four new COVID-19 cases in the latest reported week, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Highlands County had a mixed bag when it came to COVID-19 numbers when the Florida Department of Health released its daily coronavirus update Thursday. New cases were nearly double from Wednesday’s report and while the positivity rate came down a bit, it was still high.

MIAMI (AP) — It’s a race against time for nonprofits, organizations and officials who are trying to vaccinate thousands of farmworkers who were denied priority access in Florida but now have to travel north to harvest crops in other regions.

AMIENS, France (AP) — As France battles a new virus surge that many believe was avoidable, intensive care nurse Stephanie Sannier manages her stress and sorrow by climbing into her car after a 12-hour shift, blasting music and singing as loud as she can.

For Christians across the United States, Easter services on Sunday will reflect an extra measure of joy as the nation experiences rising optimism after a year of pandemic. Even if still observing restrictions, many churches may draw the largest numbers of in-person worshippers in months.

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The Florida Department of Health daily COVID-19 report showed Highlands County’s coronavirus numbers have gone up in new cases, positivity rate and one death. While the numbers were relatively low, they came off a day of low numbers on Tuesday.

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Highlands County’s coronavirus numbers were down across the board when the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 update came out on Tuesday afternoon. There were only 11 new cases reported for the county.

LAKE PLACID — The Caladium Festival will go on this summer after last year’s events were canceled due to COIVD-19 concerns. The 30th annual festival will take place from July 23-25 at Stuart Park and surrounding areas in the heart of uptown Lake Placid.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that he would issue an executive order forbidding local governments and businesses from requiring so-called “vaccine passports” to show proof that customers have been inoculated against the coronavirus.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida businesses, governments and healthcare providers will be protected from coronavirus lawsuits if they made a good effort to follow guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 under a bill signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday.

BEIJING (AP) — A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak is “extremely unlikely,” according to a draft copy obtained by The Associated Press.

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Highlands County did not have a good COVID-19 report when the daily coronavirus update was released Monday afternoon from the Florida Department of Health. Although the new cases remained low at 13, there were four new deaths and the positivity rate had a considerable increase.

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It was a mixed bag as far as COVID-19 numbers go Sunday, as the Florida Department of Health’s virus update was released. There were 4,943 new cases, with fewer than 72,000 processed tests, which yielded a positivity rate for residents of 6.8%, which is the highest seen in the last 14 days. …

Highlands County COVID for Friday was fairly good with low cases and a low positivity rate. Unfortunately, two new deaths marred the otherwise good report from the Florida Department of Health.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ripped into the federal government’s continued pandemic ban on cruise ships using U.S. ports, threatening Friday to file a lawsuit if one of the state’s biggest tourism sectors is not allowed to resume operations soon.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The impeachment investigation into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expanding to examine whether the governor unlawfully used his office to provide his family members with special access to scarce coronavirus tests a year ago, a state lawmaker said Thursday.

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The number of migrants and asylum-seekers who reached Europe in 2020 is the lowest it has been in the past decade, according to a report released Friday by the United Nations migration agency. But deaths and disappearances on sea routes remain alarmingly high with onl…

GENEVA (AP) — A team of international and Chinese scientists is poised to report on its joint search for the origins of the coronavirus that sparked a pandemic after it was first detected in China over a year ago — with four theories being considered, and one the clear frontrunner, according…

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