As with nearly everything else having to do with COVID-19, the issue of wearing masks has taken on a political turn. A recent poll by Huffington Post/YouGov showed that 71% of self-identified Democrats wear a mask around other people in public “all of the time” or “most of the time” compared…

TALLAHASSEE — The woman who raised questions about Florida’s COVID-19 data after being ousted as the data’s curator had been reprimanded several times and ultimately fired for violating Health Department policy by making public remarks about the information, state records show.

PHOENIX — Like students across the U.S., Christa Schall was working toward graduation when the coronavirus closed her school. But unlike many, she can’t finish her classes online — her cosmetology program, like the coursework at many technical and trade schools, requires hands-on training.

Growing numbers of U.S. colleges are pledging to reopen this fall, with dramatic changes to campus life to keep the coronavirus at bay. Big lectures will be a thing of the past. Dorms will will be nowhere near capacity. Students will face mandatory virus testing. And at some smaller schools,…

Highlands County saw the number of positive COVID-19 cases increase to 113 with the release of numbers by the Florida Department of Health on Sunday morning. The death toll remained at eight.

Memorial Day ceremonies have been a tradition in Highlands County for a number of years, as hundreds of people typically gather at different locations to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. But this year, Memorial Day ceremonies have fallen victim to the cor…

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday said he is lifting coronavirus-related restrictions on youth activities, including summer camps and athletic events, because he trusts parents and local governments will make the right decisions for kids.

As residents anxiously await the start of Phase 2 of Florida’s reopening, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Highlands County reached 111 as of Friday’s update. No additional deaths have been reported with the total remaining at 8. The number of hospitalizations also remains unaltered …

As lockdowns ease across the United States, millions of Americans are set to take tentative steps outdoors to celebrate Memorial Day. But public health officials are still concerned that if people congregate in crowds or engage in other risky behavior, the long weekend could cause the corona…

JERUSALEM — Muslims worldwide will celebrate one of their biggest holidays under the long shadow of the coronavirus, with millions confined to their homes and others gripped by economic concerns during what is usually a festive time of shopping and celebration.

LONDON (AP) — Doubts were growing on Thursday over whether ambitious plans by European governments to use contact-tracing apps to fight the spread of the coronavirus will be able to be implemented with any real effectiveness soon.

TALLAHASSEE — Florida citrus officials are taking another look at raising a tax on growers as they wait to see if a legislative boost in marketing dollars becomes a victim of the coronavirus.

TALLAHASSEE — Amid a surge in COVID-19 infections in nursing homes and other senior facilities, a watchdog organization wants to know what steps Florida has taken to keep people with developmental disabilities safe in state institutions.

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The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Highlands County increased by three as of the Thursday update. Highlands County now has a total of 110 confirmed positive cases. The total hospitalizations are 36 with 35 residents and 1 non-resident. The number of deaths remained at eight.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Public health officials in at least two-thirds of U.S. states are sharing the addresses of people who have the coronavirus with first responders. Supporters say the measure is designed to protect those on the front line, but it’s sparked concerns of profiling in minor…

NEW DELHI (AP) — A powerful cyclone slammed ashore Wednesday along the coastline of India and Bangladesh, where more than 2.6 million people fled to shelters in a frantic evacuation made all the more challenging by the coronavirus pandemic.

BEIRUT (AP) — In troubled times, people have been known to hoard currency at home — a financial security blanket against deep uncertainty. But in this crisis, things are different. This time cash itself, passed from hand to hand across neighborhoods, cities and societies just like the corona…

ISTANBUL (AP) — They see themselves as public health detectives, working 24/7 to track the coronavirus’ insidious spread through a country of 83 million, blending door-to-door hoof work with mobile apps, CCTV footage and, if needed, police backup.

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s surgeon general has acknowledged that a syndrome that attacks children and is associated with COVID-19 has surfaced in Florida, adding a scary new dimension to the battle against the coronavirus in the state.

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration said Tuesday evening that a Department of Health employee who helped create Florida’s COVID-19 information “dashboard” was fired for insubordination, disputing allegations that she was terminated for refusing to manipulate data.

As with nearly everything else having to do with COVID-19, the issue of wearing masks has taken a bit of a political turn. An article in the May 15 Washington Post showed that 73% of self-identified Democrats wore face masks compared to 59% of Republicans.

TALLAHASSEE — State university system Chancellor Marshall Criser next week will present guidelines for reopening university campuses in the fall, after students were sent home in March to curb the spread of COVID-19.

MOSCOW (AP) — Coronavirus cases are spiking from India to South Africa and Mexico in a clear indication the pandemic is far from over, while Russia and Brazil now sit behind only the United States in the number of reported infections.

A happy Ivette Perez is seen here smiling despite her hospitalization for COVID-19.

NEW YORK — Federal authorities are urging governors to use “extreme caution” in deciding when to resume visits at nursing homes, saying it shouldn’t come before all residents and staff have tested negative for the coronavirus for at least 28 days.