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Highlands County received mostly good news on the COVID-19 front on Tuesday when the Florida Department of Health released its daily coronavirus report. New cases more than doubled to 31, however, there were no new deaths reported.

The new infections put the overall total of cases of COVID at 8,167. All of the new cases were from residents and the non-resident rate remained at 91. Residents make up 8,076 cases of infection.

The death toll remained at 338.

Testing was up considerably with 526 tests processed. The number is well above-average — with the most likely culprits being a data lag or a data dump — as the Highlands County DOH cancelled tests on Monday. For the day there were 495 negative results, producing a 5.89% positivity rate. That is a major improvement over the previous day’s 10.22%.

The daily median age was 43 with the overall median age was 51. The state’s median age was 36 on Monday.

Hospitalizations have risen to 643 and is 8% of all cases. According to the Agency for Health Care Administration there were 33 people hospitalized Monday afternoon with a primary diagnosis of COVID. The same agency shows 3,478 people hospitalized across the state.

There has been 702 infections from long-term care facilities. Woman in Highlands have contracted the virus more than men and make up 54% of the cases. Woman have had 4,376 cases to men at 3,633 (45%) with no data available for 67 people.

Florida saw 5,645 new cases of coronavirus overnight, an increase from Monday. The state’s new total reached 2,178,783 cases on Tuesday. Of those cases, 2,137,862 were from residents and 40,921 were from non-residents.

Overnight there were 67 deaths, including five non-residents. Deaths that include residents and non-residents has risen to 35,209. Of those deaths, 34,533 are from residents and 676 non-residents.

Florida processed 82,264 tests with 76,598 negative results which produced a positivity rate of 6.89%.

Numbers in the United States remained consistent, with 59,559 new cases reported and 380 additional deaths. There have been minimal changes over the course of the past week with the major metrics (cases, deaths, tests, positivity rate and hospitalizations), with each being within 4% of last week’s numbers.

Nearly 40% of the U.S. population has received at least one vaccine dose, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing 39.9% of all people in the U.S. as having received at least one shot.

Among adults, 50.7% of people have received at least one dose and 80.1% of seniors have gotten at least one dose.

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering shows the United States with 31.76 million cases and 568,104 deaths.

Globally, there have been a total of 142.37 million cases and 3,034,841 deaths.

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