SEBRING — Highlands County had 10 new cases, for a total of 2,416, and one more death, for a total of 101, in the latest COVID-19 update from the Florida Department of Health.

Currently there are 21 hospitalized in Highlands County due to the coronavirus.

Statewide, the case count increased by 3,449 to a total of 748,437 to date. There were 94 virus deaths reported for a total of 15,830 Florida residents who have died over the course of the pandemic. There have been 200 non-resident deaths in the state.

The following nine counties had triple digit increases of COVID-19 cases: Alachua — 109, Broward — 352, Dade — 534, Duval — 136, Lee — 142, Orange — 258, Palm Beach — 169, Pinellas — 126 and Polk — 113. These counties represent 1,939 of Thursday’s increase in the state’s cases.

Statewide, the previous day testing results positivity rate was 4.36%. It was 3.01% in Highlands County.

In the Heartland, Okeechobee County had the most favorable previous day testing results with only two new cases and a positivity rate of 1.47%.

The much smaller Glades County had only three new cases, but from fewer tests (nine), so it had a high positivity rate of 33.33%.

Hardee County had a jump of 15 cases for a positivity rate of 17.44%. Hendry County had six new cases for a positivity rate of 3.32% and DeSoto County had only three new cases for a positivity rate of 3.3%.

In the past five days, DeSoto County has had only six new cases, while Hardee County had 59 new cases in just three days and 64 new cases in the past five days. Highlands County with nearly four times the population of Hardee has had 74 new cases in the past five days. In the same date range in August (Aug. 11-15) there were 131 positive cases reported in Highlands County and in September, the number reported was just 46 for the same five-day span.

Nationwide, there have been 7,997,969 virus cases with 217,987 deaths.

Worldwide, there have been 39,068,667 cases and 1,100,364 deaths attributed to the coronavirus.