From left; Jodi Moore, artist Beverly Marshall and Adam Mooney at a reception earlier this year.

The Highlands Art League (HAL) is very excited to announce they will be holding an artist’s reception at MoTA (the Museum of the Arts) on Friday, July 3 from 5-7 p.m.

“We want to be safe and cautious while being encouraged by other venues in Highlands County to move forward,” said HAL Manager Janell Marmon. “Our show will feature Beverly Marshall who has created some amazing pieces linked to the pandemic and all that’s going on in today’s world, as well as her amazing body of works from past and present.”

HAL is working on a lot of new and exciting programs for the community to enjoy. The exciting and popular “Art Uncorked” will soon return. Several unique fundraisers are in the planning stages.

They’ll be welcoming a new artist team that works with alcohol inks used in creating simple and fun greeting cards for giving.

Marshalls’ exhibit is very emotional and moving. She is an international award winning artist. Her exhibit is titled, “Faces Emotions and the Human Experience.”

Every day we see the faces of family, friends and strangers. We see the human emotion. Every emotion grips our hearts and sings or screams to our souls.

“Those faces and all those emotions, every story is told deep in their eyes. We all have these feelings. You know the ones that come out of nowhere and bring such joy or such pain,” said Marshall.

In addition to some of her other works, she has some that focus on the emotions associated with COVID-19.

‘Pandemic – Behind the Mask” depicts the struggle to save a life with dwindling supplies. The original of this work sold the day after it was completed.

“It is Finished – She has Risen” shows a women lying silently with COVID-19 ranging in her lungs. The beams of heaven open up to welcome her.

“Blind America – Its Overflowing Shores of Red” captures the turmoil of American. Our country, founded on freedom and equality for all, is now blind to its people.

Jenna Schaller of Sebring, a songwriter and guitarist, will be providing background music during the reception.

For more information on HAL, please visit their website at www.highlandsartleague.org or call 863-385-5312. They are located at 351 W. Center Ave. in downtown Sebring.