Overhead shot of Parking Lot Prayer on 2020 April 2

A full parking lot of people praying from their cars, as seen here on April 2, 2020, was the goal of a second Parking Lot Prayer event that took place last night. Organizers said, with COVID-19 and other stressors still weighing on people, it was time to have another prayer event.

SEBRING — The first Parking Lot Prayer event in Highlands County started just as a lockdown order last year required people to limit their outings to essential trips.

Thursday night, nine months later, people at Highlands Regional Medical Center arranged for another event, with people keeping social distance by praying from their cars, parked facing the building and praying for healthcare workers, first responders and patients fighting COVID-19.

“Often times when working full time your colleagues become your second family,” said HRMC Would Care Director Laura Andrews, who has held that job for three years. “During these unprecedented times our team has come together and supported each other and our community. The support we have seen from our community is nothing short of amazing.”

She told the Highlands News-Sun Thursday afternoon that there is still a great need for people to reach out to others during the pandemic.

“It has been weighing on my heart to do a Parking Lot Prayer for our team, our patients and our community,” Andrews said. “With less than 24 hours’ notice, my church family and community came together in a big way to uplift our healthcare heroes.”

Andrews had big thanks for First Sebring Church, the Methodist Church downtown on East Center Avenue, led by Pastor David Juliano.

Juliano said that COVID-19 related issues and some personal tragedies have prompted people to reach out to community churches for prayer, and they have been more than happy to do it.