sugarcane-based hand sanitizer

U.S. Sugar Communications Director Ryan Duffy with a sample of the sugarcane-based hand sanitizer

CLEWISTON — In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the people of U.S. Sugar are working to provide local employees and the most vulnerable members of the Glades communities with hand sanitizer produced by Sugar Sand Distillery in Lake Placid to help stop the spread of the virus. The company announced it is providing up to 1,200 units of hand sanitizer to members of the local communities and its employees in the workplace, who are part of the nation’s “critical infrastructure” of harvesting and processing food according to recent U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines.

The company will provide hand sanitizer to senior centers in LaBelle, Clewiston, Belle Glade and Pahokee. The hand sanitizer was made at Sugar Sand Distillery, which uses sugarcane molasses to distill alcohol used in its hand sanitizer.

“In times of crisis, you can always count on the resourcefulness of farmers to help solve problems as they arise,” said Judy Sanchez, U.S. Sugar’s senior director for Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. “Whether its hurricanes, economic downturns, or even global pandemics, we are all in this together and are proud to serve our local communities during their time of need. We are taking care of our families, because after all, we live here too.”

“Sugarcane is a powerful plant, and recognizing the increased demand for hand sanitizer, Sugar Sand Distillery has shifted its focus away from making spirits to helping fulfill a vital need in our region,” said Don Davies, founder of Sugar Sand Distillery.

“We appreciate our friends at Sugar Sand Distillery for their resiliency in turning sugarcane into a helpful use that may help product the most vulnerable against the spread of the coronavirus, Sanchez added.”

Starting this week, the people of U.S. Sugar began distributing hand sanitizer to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Glades area. These facilities include the Oakbrook Health and Rehabilitation Center in LaBelle, Clewiston Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Quiet Waters Senior Living and West County Senior Center in Belle Glade, and Glades Healthcare Center in Pahokee.

The hand sanitizer produced by Sugar Sand Distillery consists of up to 70% alcohol, which is the equivalent of 140 proof. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines recommends using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol in addition to avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Recently, U.S. Sugar also announced a multi-year partnership with The Glades Initiative, a Belle Glade-based community service organization that assists local residents with job placement, social services, and feeding programs. The company is providing resources in support of The Glades Initiative’s area food services throughout the Glades region.

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