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Quarantining is not easy on anyone, especially children. Being stuck in the same space for days at a time is not only driving the children nuts but also the parents. Some are looking for fun activities to do and the Elliott Team has come up with a fantastic activity for all: A bear hunt, well, a teddy bear hunt.

Participants are asked to place a teddy bear or stuffed animal in their front window or porch of their home or business. The deadline is Friday, April 3 to fill out the online form to be on the map of houses/businesses. Participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible with their displays or as simple as you want. “Hunters” should be able to see the teddy bears or stuffed animals from the road. Displays should remain up through the month of April.

“We are asking people to set up a teddy bear display or any stuffed animal,” said Tenille Drury-Smith, Elliott Team’s director of fun. “Some people are being extravagant and some are just putting a bear in the window. We got the idea when Matt Nelson saw on Facebook that someone up north was doing the same thing.

“It is just something fun to do during these difficult times of isolation. Something for families to do to get out and go for a walk or drive around. It is something fun to do together but still be in isolation mode and is based on a book called ‘We Are Going on a Bear Hunt.’”

“Hunters” can narrow it down to their neighborhood or go all around the county. It’s completely up to them.

“We are asking people to fill out a short form so that we can pin them on a Google Map,” Drury-Smith said. “On Saturday I will be sharing the Google Map with all the addresses we have gotten. Right now, we have over 50 participants that have signed up. It is something fun and different to do. It helps take kids’ minds off of what is going on.”

Feel free to share photos of your display and “hunters” are invited to share photos as well using #theelliottteamteddybearhunt or to the Elliott Team Special Events Facebook page.

The link to sign up to for a display is on the Elliott Team Special Events page on Facebook at

The Google Map will be available on Facebook starting Saturday for those who want to “go on a bear hunt” starting on April 4.