Cultural issue, not a gun issue

What don’t people blame the shooter instead of “assault weapons”?

Facts: semi-auto rifles have been around a long time; Winchester — 1903, Remington — 1906, semi-auto shotguns — 1902, magazines size, many bought after market.

The “Violence Policy Center” can describe a weapon anyway they want; official designation of “assault weapon” is U.S Military: Capability to switch to burst or fully automatic fire when extreme force is needed, is the defining characteristic of an “assault rifle.”

As used by media, politicians and gun control activists, “assault weapon” is a loosely defined misused term for a semi-auto civilian firearm that has the appearance, but not function, of a military firearm. Appearance factor’s ridiculous; the military version was designed after the Armalite AR-10. Would you consider a Winchester long rifle to be an “assault weapon” because it looked (like) the military M1 rifle; never heard that comment in my many years, both in service and as a civilian?

Let’s try something a little different, how about looking at and blaming the human factor, the only thing that can make a gun do what it does. No one blames the shooter. Always the inanimate object the gun. Any weapon 1 round to 20 rounds, semi-auto or not is an “assault weapon” when pointed and fired at a human, use the term correctly “assault” is an action, guns cannot instigate actions, only humans can. We have a cultural issue, not a gun issue. These mass shooting were not a problem till the middle 1990’s.

John Nelson


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