If you read my column last week, you know I’ve been having issues with getting an accessory for my Keurig coffeemaker. When last I wrote, I was waiting for a part to come in – my third attempt – and hoped that would be the last of it.

Well, guess what? Third time wasn’t the charm.

The part I got was clearly wrong for my machine. It didn’t look anything like the picture on the site. Somehow, wires had gotten crossed, and I had yet another Keurig filter I couldn’t use.

This time, I decided I wasn’t trying this without help. I went back to the Keurig website and bravely entered the realm of “live chat.”

The person, or bot, at the other side of the chat asked for the machine’s serial number. Accessing it wasn’t that hard – I simply had to remove the drip tray. But the number was small and in an awkward place to see, and try as I might, I couldn’t get a clear picture of it with my phone.

So, I did the next best thing. I opened my phone’s Word app and copied the serial number. I then walked back to my office and entered it into the chat box.

The chat person/bot told me I needed a particular kind of filter and showed me the link for it. I ordered it and am currently waiting for it to show up. Problem solved, right?

Because I had a filter I could not use (unless I bought a Keurig it worked with, something that is not under consideration), I asked about returning the wrong filter.

Whoever or whatever was on the other side of the chat suddenly got stupid and told me I would have to call Customer Service.

I’ve attempted to call the company twice. The first time, they put me on hold for a while before deciding I’d waited long enough and hanging up on me. The second time, I actually got to talk to a human being, who took down my email, put me on hold – and then hung up on me.

At this point, I am very underwhelmed with their version of “customer service.” Today, I decided to go back to the website and track down their return policy.

For the record, Keurig’s return policy isn’t the most customer-friendly one I’ve encountered. First, they want you to get a Return Authorization Number (RAN), which I’d be happy to do if they’d quit hanging up on me.

But you will not get your money back. Oh, no. You can get a replacement, or store credit, but once they get their grubby little hands on your cash, they are not giving it back (in the interests of full disclosure, they do have a money-back program for the brewers. But you’re up a creek when it comes to accessories).

And, getting the product back to them? That’s on your dime.

I know, I know. They’re not in the business to give me my money back. It’s not their fault that I ordered the wrong part three times, even if I had trouble at first finding the correct part on their website. I get that some people will see this as a privileged person whining for no good reason.

But come on. Is it too much to ask to cut a customer a tiny bit of slack? To at least not hang up on me when I’m trying to get the problem resolved? To have pity?

Hopefully, this saga will soon come to an end, and I will have the correct filter for my beloved coffeemaker. But for now, I’m getting ready to try to contact them – again. Wish me luck.

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