As an old history teacher I would like to address a couple of Reverend George Miller’s points regarding Chief Fansler’s Facebook posts. The police have absolutely no legal obligation to protect anyone or anything from arson or assault. In DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the Supreme Court ruled that police have no obligation to protect citizens. You can call 911 all night and if the police choose not to respond, you have no basis for a suit against the police.

As the riots have unfolded over the last few months we have seen many video clips that have shown the local police departments standing down while individuals were beaten, murdered, and their businesses were burned. Those police departments had no legal obligation to act to protect those businesses or citizens.

As for Kyle Rittenhouse, we can all speculate, but he is innocent until proven guilty.

The cycles of tribulation are as old as time. Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice. In times of crisis, we are on our own.

Jesus gave us a command in Luke 22:36. It would be wise if we heeded that command and looked to our portable wealth, our provisions and essentials, and purchased the common infantry weapon of the day, even if we have to sell the shirt off our backs to do so.

Darrell E. Cloud

Avon Park