Democrats have a big job

Yes, they control the entire government, from the presidency, House, Senate, so it is up to them to save the Constitution of the United States of America. Do not bet on the Supreme Court for the chief justice has proven he is for the left agenda. And only he decides what comes before the court for consideration.

Only the Democrats today can save America and not much time left. It will be over by the next election for a chance to elect a conservative to the House of Representatives or a Democrat believer in freedom, a strong Democrat to vote against his party to keep America free.

Democrats, contact your representatives and greatly urge them to save America. For He knows how. Give him a great pat on the back for his once in a lifetime chance to save America’s freedom of the people, and for the people. All the people – male, female, babies, peaceful groups, people who want to salute the flag and give allegiance to their country, the greatest nation bastion of freedom. Save it from destruction.

Ralph Z. Bell

Lake Placid