No nation is handling this pandemic less responsibly and competently than America is. It’s embarrassing; the world now pities America. We must harken to what our scientists are telling us, for all of this carnage is completely unnecessary; we must cease being delusional about the threat, the CDC should be talking us through this nearly daily. Some folks believe we should just let COVID-19 run its course and develop herd immunity, but the problem with that is that we don’t know how long one has immunity after being infected or how long a vaccine might work. The common-cold-coronavirus immunity can last as little as two weeks; so COVID immunity might last for a month or a year, we just don’t know yet ... but are we wiling to sacrifice a million people to find out?

If Trump had done as Asia did and competently confronted the virus – less than 10 people died in all of Hong Kong and Taiwan – we wouldn’t be suffering this needless economic disaster. Asian economies barely blinked because of their intelligent leadership. But because we’ve a delusional sociopath at the helm of our sinking ship, millions of Americans have needlessly lost their jobs – that they would’ve already safely returned to if we had intelligent leadership – and in their depression many have turned to opioid abuse and our already high rate of suicide is also skyrocketing.

This is the greatest public health failure in our nation’s history. It’s time to wake up America. Misguided barbarians are at the helm, making uninformed, irresponsible and illogical decisions that have needlessly cost over 130,000 lives! More than twice the amount of the unnecessary KIA’s in Vietnam. And those lost in the Fox News bubble have no idea what’s going on; they’re incorrigibly misguided and uninformed, in addition to hateful AM radio ruining the minds, hearts, and souls of the unwary and ignorant. If everyone had just worn a mask since the beginning we would have contained the virus by now just as Europe has done. But no, we’re back at the beginning again and worse than ever, while Europe is re-opening safely. Hey Trump, I don’t call that great, I call it irresponsible and pathetically stupid.

I’m concerned that in Trump’s indifference to humanity and his impatience to reopen the economy – in order to get himself reelected – he’ll rush into production an unrigorously vetted, unsafe and dangerous vaccine that will do more harm than good. By not allowing Dr. Fauci and the COVID-19 task-force to initially enact their strategy and have the nation follow it, plus his suggesting limiting testing, he’s thwarting the only means possible to identify and contain the virus; and defunding and leaving the WHO during a pandemic is the most deplorably idiotic thing he’s done to date.

Perhaps that’s worse than abolishing the clean water act, gutting air quality regulations, or publicly soliciting foreign powers to interfere in our elections (which is treasonous). It’s hard to tell at this point, for he’s deceived and lied so much at every turn, that it’s mind-boggling to try and keep track of his offenses. But with his autocratic attitude, one thing’s for sure: if reelected you won’t be able to recognize the U.S. as a representative democracy anymore.

For in his 4th of July speeches he (Steven Miller) sounded exactly like pre-war Mussolini or Hitler. And now they wanna’ deport a million foreign students from U.S. colleges, and when they begin burning books like the Nazi’s, then it’s just a matter of time until it’s people. They’d already needlessly traumatized, and you might as well call it tortured, 5,400 children by separating them from their parents at the border, and were holding them in caged concentration camps. And there’s still holding 25,000 immigrants who’ve committed no crimes.

If Trump gets another term he’ll be even more of a vindictive tyrant, who ignores the Constitution (he’s never read it), than he’s already been; and he and the sycophants surfeiting at his feet believe that that’s just great! Sad. Trump wants to reduce COVID testing for the American people, but forces everyone around him to be tested daily. Just as he’s anti-immigrant while being married to one who’s chain migrated her family into the US.

He’s apathetic towards the Bill of Rights, and the rules in the Constitution concerning the division of powers, naturally – designed to keep autocratic tyrants like him in check – because he’s a moron who doesn’t understand complexity or nuance.

If a diabolical villain had designs on destroying America, to relinquish our leadership in the world, to nullify our treaties, abandon our allies and partners and cozy-up to dictators, replace representative government with autocracy, abolish regulatory agencies, negate land, water, and air protections in order to further ravage the environment, attack and discredit our institutions, start a trade war with China that cost 300,000 American jobs, provoke division, incite violent right-wing extremism and promote racism, slander peaceful protestors as terrorists, to dismantle our program (called ‘Predict’) to detect emerging pandemics and kill as many Americans as they could, sow discord, and create utter chaos, they couldn’t be any more successful than ‘the Don’ has been in just three exasperatingly long years.

Mark Zembower is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.