An incident today finally prompted me to write this article.

To start, I will repeat what our former sheriff responded to a few years back when discussing traffic conditions in Sebring and Avon Park. "I will not make Sebring a speed trap." Nope, let's keep it running as a potential death trap.

While having lunch In Beef-o-Brady's, several patrons, including myself, witnessed a young man leaving the parking lot, but not before peeling his tires and fish-tailing his extremely loud vehicle.

I ask myself, why do people pull these stunts with other people, young and old, walking to and from their cars.

Several other dangers are, not in any particular order: speeding. running red lights. failing to stop on red before making a right turn, running stop signs, Blocking their windshields with handicap cards, and now some also hanging their mask on their mirror. These and many other illegal acts are a constant every day occurrence.

Why do we not have some patrol cars on the road? When their is a complaint and or critical accident, you may see an empty cruiser beside the road for a day or two. These do nothing but provoke a laugh from passersby.

David Parks