I have often thought that if your family has some concerns about you that you may have a problem. That is why I wanted to share what the president’s older sister said about him.

For once, he did not attack the person — which was big of him.

Here is what his sister said about him:

1. A lack of preparation in regard to his administration and its lying ways.

2. He has no principles.

3. He doesn’t read (probably why he did not know Russia paid a bounty on USA soldiers, which he did nothing about once it was pointed out).

4. Donald is cruel.

5. He was a brat.

6. You can’t trust him.

7. It is always about him.

8. He filed for bankruptcy six times stiffing people who had done work for him.

Does not seem like the kind of individual I would place my trust in to do the right thing.

Chet Brojek