I believe there is no need for the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution. We have rights granted to us by our Constitution, and — as Commissioner [Ron] Handley rightly pointed out — commissioners took a sworn oath to uphold the entire Constitution.

What Arlene Tuck is doing is posturing, grandstanding, and creating undo fear and division in our community. She keeps stirring the pot by asking if people are full time or "northerners" — great way to encourage people to come! She says commissioners would be "voted out" if they do not proceed with this resolution. What is her point, and why is she wasting precious time and resources on this? As we encourage new businesses, and people to move to our area, do we need her putting more wedges in our community?

When we start breaking it down to resolutions to affirm our support of one amendment then all amendments must be given equal attention and concern. You cannot say one is more important than another.

Please move on and do the work that needs to be done.

Patricia Myers