The Grand Poobah of a certain Highlands County political party has belched a sulfurous cloud of nonsense, wishful thinking and an outright lie. It appears to be his best effort to fire up the base of support for the non-popular, voted-in occupant of the White House hoping for a better turnout in 2020.

To promulgate something he heard or read but apparently never actually fact checked, he writes that New York State Democrats passed a law that sanctions infanticide. Politi-Fact investigated and found that to be false.

He further asserts that Democrats are persecuting people of faith. What exactly is the evidence that supports “persecution of people of faith”? Are the religious right the only people of faith? How about Islam? Would the writer like an administration supporting/promoting Islam? Or would the separation of church and state then return as a guiding principle even though not in the Constitution?

The imperial thug in the White House knows how to use our tax dollars for personal gain and to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our election, again for personal gain.

As with much in life, it is wise to do your own research and dig deeper into what self-anointed “authorities” are saying and writing to learn the facts for yourself and vote your conscience.

Ray Dorn