Does it make any sense?

We don’t know how many lives have been saved by the J&J vaccine but we can assume many.

Six people out of over 7 million vaccinated with the J&J vaccine have become sick and one has died from blood clots that “may” be related to the J&J vaccine so the CDC stops the use of it.

Over 5,415 people have been killed so far this year from gun violence in the United States and the GOP says we don’t need better gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of people that should not have them.

We may not know the answer to this problem, but it will never get better by doing nothing to fix it.

Maybe I am the only one that worries about our children and grandchildren being out in public places and the possibility of them becoming victims, but we all know that no one is absolutely safe from gun violence.

I think a background check should be mandatory any time a gun is purchased or changes hands. At the very least, that would be a start to improving our outdated gun control laws.

Joe Roberson


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