Perhaps honesty was never a part of political campaigns. I do question why the candidates hide truth rather than simply put forth their positions on an issue. Both Republican and Democratic Party candidates for the presidency criticize Senator Warren’s and Senator Sander’s ‘Healthcare for All’ insurance programs.

Those in opposition to Warren and Sanders healthcare programs declare that their programs will force millions off their present health insurance. They create the frightening Spector that millions of families will no longer have health insurance. What these negative voices fail to share is that the millions covered by employer programs will continue to receive health insurance under a universal insurance program. In addition, 80 million uninsured will also be covered.

The negative voices criticizing ‘Medicare for All’ or a universal health insurance contend we can not afford such a health insurance system. Really? At the same time they fail to point out that we would not be paying for the profits insurance companies are putting into their pockets. Nor do the negative voices repeating the mantra of the lobbyist share that ‘Medicare for All’ would end the more than sixty-nine million in profit that the pharmaceutical industry takes from us.

Emerging literature from economic studies indicate that a Universal Health Insurance system based on ‘Medicare for All’ holds the potential of offering savings greater that $430 million over 10 years. We need honesty from the candidates for political office. We need honesty in the debates. We need leaders who do not hide behind statements of half truth seeking to generate fear.

Alan J. Kromholz