Don’t rewrite history based on personal philosophies

A letter writer recently opined: So-called Religious Values. Within the content of the letter was stated – Some (of the past writers) are still mired in the belief America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and that the slave owning Founders embraced such a model.

What does slave owning have anything to do with religious values? True of the 56 signers, 41 owned slaves but so did George Washington (after winning the Revolutionary War he released his slaves to freedom). Of those 56 signers it should be noted that 29 of them held what would be considered as seminary degrees. Benjamin Franklin, one of the least religious of the signers, requested prayer before each session. Franklin was also a member of the Committee of Five which was instrumental in writing the Declaration of Independence.

The letter writer alluded to the Declaration’s content, “Nature and Natures God” as a sign that there might be a higher authority. Reading further in the Declaration is written, “…endowed by their Creator…”. Note that Creator was capitalized, not lower case. Finally, the last sentence in the Declaration it is written, “…with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence…”. Note Providence is written capital P, which is universally defined as God.

It is and has been from its origin the firm belief by most Americans (ask around my friend!) that the United States of America is founded on the precepts of a higher authority being God the Creator. I find it difficult to buy into someone who theorizes and attempts to rewrite history based on their own personal philosophies. I would hope the letter writer will evaluate their value as one of God’s creation.

Barry Rehbein

Lake Placid