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A light in a darkened world

I have watched the antics of the Democrat party and Joe Biden, and I am about as fed up as I can get. The only thing the Democrats and their minions, mostly socialists, are concerned with, is slandering and destroying President Trump. They do not care what they say, whether it is another lie or not, and more importantly whether or not they hurt this country. From the time that our president was elected, they have done nothing for this country. Every chance they get, they bad mouth Trump and every time they open their mouths, they change their story to suit whoever backs their ridiculous stance.

Now this author, (Bob) Woodward, in another attempt to destroy Trump with claims that are stupid and childish, and more importantly claims that any person who was not a Democrat would know, right or wrong, were meant to do good. As our president, why wouldn’t he try to downplay things at least until all of the facts were discovered? Pelosi did it. The governor from New York did it. TV reporters also did it as did scores of others, but when Trump does it, the sky is falling. Why is that?

Please tell me why the media and the Democrats turn a blind eye to Biden’s dishonest scheming in Bourisma to make his son wealthy when he was not qualified for the job he was given, nor for the money he illegally gained.

Why was a man like Joe Biden nominated for president by the Democrats, when he clearly is not mentally fit to do the job? I believe that they do not expect him to last and thus in my opinion, the most useless and, dishonest Democrat in Washington, Kamala Harris will become president. Check her out folks. She is, as are Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, and others, a political hack to whom the truth does not matter.

Why have Democrats continually attacked Trump, since the election, and have always refused to help anyone but themselves, instead of doing what they were elected to do, which was to govern and protect our nation? There are plenty of real issues to get involved with. Trump never colluded with the Russians (but Hillary did) and yet they continue to charge him with the same old garbage. They know that Biden acted dishonestly both before and when he was vice president, but no one else in their party was electable so they nominated him and we are stuck with him.

Why haven’t the Democrats called out these rioters who are destroying our country? Either they are complicit with their illegal actions, involved in their illegal actions, a party to their illegal actions, or more simply put, they support these criminals because they don’t care about our country. It is no secret that Democrat politicians have controlled the cities these thugs have been destroying and therein lie the answers. You cannot stop someone you are working with so you do nothing.

Also why all of a sudden do Democrats want mail-in ballots? It is simply because they can more easily be falsified. They know that if things were honest, they do not stand a chance but with mail-in ballots they can rig the election (again) and get rid of Trump. It is my opinion that they have acted so much against Trump from his election, because they had stuffed so many ballot boxes that Trump couldn’t be elected – but he was. They would not accept the fact that America did not want their worthless candidates or their no message options, so they are still crying over spilled milk instead of standing up like real Americans and working for everyone’s benefit.

Finally, we have a virus problem in the country. So why have boxes of unused virus tests been sent back listed as positive? Perhaps since they have nothing to blame Trump for, they manufactured a cause. Why have many hospitals sent out phony figures showing so many deaths and infections when they have included anyone who died for any reason, as a coronavirus victim? Are Democrats responsible for the coronavirus? I don’t think so but neither have they helped the situation with the virus. They would rather blame Trump.

My purpose in writing this column is simple. I believe that if real Americans do not stand up and defend our nation, we will have no nation. Josiah was the last king Israel had. God allowed him to remain king and live in peace, but when he died, so did the kingdom of Israel, because they went right back to what they had been doing.

I might be, and hope that I am wrong, but I believe that if the Democrats are successful in getting rid of Trump, America might well be finished. We have always been a light in a darkened world, and it would be a shame if we allowed people like Biden and Harris to put that light out – but if they are elected, that is what they will do. I see what Democrats are doing, as a threat to our nation, and as with Josiah and Israel, I believe that God is our only answer, so pray for our nation.

Rev. Fredric E. Jeans is an Avon Park resident. He was a pastor for 28 years, an evangelist , a supervisor in a steel mill, teacher in a college and public high school, a chaplain in a nursing home, and has written and published two books. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.

People don't evaluate beliefs, biases

In the fall of 1959, I started to Virginia Tech — hoping to become a chemical engineer — and promptly flunked algebra and chemistry. I dropped back five and punted — on Feb. 16, 1960 I joined the U S Army; passed some sort of geometry test and was assigned to artillery survey school in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. When I graduated I was given the choice of Korea, “The Frozen Chosen,” or going Airborne, which I chose ... The second week of Jump School, I made the required five parachute jumps and became a forward observer with the Mortar Battery of the 327th Airborne Infantry Battalion, part of the historic 101st Airborne Division. This was not my original idea..

I came from a very segregated farm country in southern Virginia where my family raised tobacco and my father was a brakeman on the Norfolk and Western railroad. The Army was where I was first really thrown together with Black folk; fellow soldiers who were also jumping out of planes and training to go to battle for the good ole US of A. I realized quickly that I had to change a lot of beliefs I had long held, and to rid myself of certain “biases” against people of color. Wow! They were just as brave and just as intelligent as I was. What a concept!

In 2016 my wife and I were Republicans – Marco Rubio was my man. Here came the bombastic Trump, a rich playboy who had dodged Vietnam by claiming a bone spur in his foot.

When he won the election, being in the right place and saying the right things that we all wanted to hear, I almost cried. I soon realized that any good Republican in the same spot could do everything that he did. I bet one fellow golfer $20 that he would not last a year – and then I made the mistake of betting one of my brothers the same bet, except that we made it for $1,000. I tried to convince him that Trump was a complete idiot who did not read and who thought he knew more than any of his four and five star generals and had no compunction about criticizing anybody he disagreed with ... but I had no success.

Needless to say, I lost both bets. I was glad when my brother gave my check to the cemetery fund of our old country church.

Today I live in the middle of “Trump Country” among some really great people. I have been amazed at the attitudes and beliefs of all of my friends that are Trump fans. (How on earth can they be so stupid?) I will be 80 years old in December and I think I have finally figured it out. Everybody has biases – even myself. What you believe is who you are. It appears possible that a lot of people have never been forced to evaluate their beliefs and biases and nothing dramatic has happened to force changing them – therefore, they will be “taken to the grave,” so to speak.

Maybe COVID-19 will be the agent of change.

Jim Foote is a resident of Spring Lake. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.

One less thing to worry about

Want one fewer contagious disease to worry about? Get a flu shot.

Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Maintain physical distance from others. Stay home if you’re sick.

By now everyone is familiar with measures to prevent spreading and contracting the novel coronavirus, which has killed about 190,000 Americans.

Another benefit of those measures: protection against the seasonal flu this fall and winter.

Countries in the temperate Southern Hemisphere, where flu activity typically occurs from April through September, are reporting substantially lower numbers of flu and other respiratory infections this year.

Hygiene and distancing efforts intended to reduce the spread of coronavirus transmission “have likely played a role in reducing influenza virus transmission,” according to an Aug. 31 influenza update from the World Health Organization.

That makes sense. And while we can all hope for similar reduced transmission in the Northern Hemisphere during our flu season, let’s not bet our lives on it. Colder weather will drive people together indoors, where they are more likely to share air and viral particles.

So go ahead and get a seasonal flu vaccine. Then you can worry a little less about contracting another contagious illness.

In fact, flu immunization, which is formulated each year based on predictions about which strains will be circulating, is more important than ever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The vaccine has long been pushed as a way to protect your own health and the health of your friends and family. Now it’s also being encouraged as a way to help reduce burdens on health care systems strained by COVID-19 patients.

The CDC estimates about 400,000 people were hospitalized from seasonal flu complications last year. Immunizing more people could help preserve hospital beds, staff and medical resources needed for COVID-19 patients this year.

A flu vaccine is especially important for people who are older and those with underlying health conditions. Of course, these are the same people who are most vulnerable and need to minimize close interactions with others during an infectious disease pandemic.

Check with the local pharmacies and ask about opportunities to receive a flu shot and perhaps also catch up on other immunizations.

A flu vaccine delivered in circulating, outdoor air is a welcome opportunity right about now.

And it will be a critical model to get people safely inoculated when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

An editorial from the Des Moines Register, Iowa.