How could anyone who followed the entire impeachment process still be a Democrat? What a complete sham. If you watched the process when it was in the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives you saw the Dems call 17 witnesses for their side but you also saw them not allow witnesses for Trump. The Senate heard part of the testimony from 13 of the House witnesses and reviewed nearly 30,000 House documents. Now Chuck Schumer is telling everyone the Senate heard no witnesses and reviewed no documents. That is a complete lie.

If you watched the entire proceedings, you would know that the Senate will acquit the president because neither of the two charges are impeachable offenses. The Senate didn’t have to hear the case at all because of that fact. But they did. This is an important point.

What the president did may have angered the Dems but in no way rises to the level of an impeachable offense. This is why I would be embarrassed to be a member of the Democratic Party. It reminds me of the kid that takes his baseball and goes home because the other kids wouldn’t let him pitch, so now no one gets to play. The Dems would have had a stronger case if they had impeached the president for his motorcade exceeding the speed limit. At least that is a misdemeanor and, as such, an impeachable offense.

Next, you’re going to hear that “the acquittal of the president doesn’t exonerate him.” Actually, technically, factually and by definition it precisely exonerates him. To say that it doesn’t is to say you don’t believe in our judicial system, our constitution or our form of government. So, when your representatives say things like “the acquittal of the president doesn’t exonerate him”, you should write your representatives and tell them to please pick new sound bites.

It would not surprise me if the Dems started another impeachment trial tomorrow claiming that the president failed to do his job by not prosecuting Joe Biden for his involvement with the Ukrainian government.

The Democratic Party has just wasted millions of your tax dollars and thousands of congressional manhours because Donald Trump makes them mad. I believe they will continue to act in this outlandish way. Their over-the-top behavior is becoming more common. It’s embarrassing. I wish they would just take their baseball and go home.

Tim Dowling


Editor's note: The attached letter was submitted prior to Wednesday's acquittal.