Just after a horrific event such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the attack on September 11th, the US military often sees a spike in enlistment. Those are tragic events marked in our country’s history. However, there is a great war being fought every single day; it is a war for our souls. Armies are lined up on a spiritual battlefield and God is asking for us to enlist and fight the good fight. Are you ready to sign up?

To fight in this army, you are not required to spend months in special training to become a great warrior. You will not carry heavy ruck sacks filled with essential tools of war. You will not use conventional weapons but you will be supplied with some things so powerful they make the enemy’s army quake in their unholy combat boots. The weapons you will use to successfully conquer and overcome the devil’s most heinous attacks are: The Word. The Spirit. Your Faith in God.

There is no special office you must enter to enlist in the Lord’s Army. You can enlist from your home, your office, your car, anywhere really. There is no mountain of paperwork, no signature, and no medical exam required. Just a promise to give all you have to fight the good fight. There are a few steps that can take you from a foot soldier to Special Forces. Beginning with Prayer. Prayer is a weapon of spiritual warfare, a tactic that makes the enemies army squeal in fear. Prayer is your direct line to top general in this war of wars. Through your prayers and petitions, you give your concerns over to God and in return, He offers you the avenues to succeed in the battle. Pray without ceasing. Pray with all your might. Pray knowing you are being heard. Pray.

Another great battle strategy the enemy cannot prepare a defense against is submission by baptism. Being baptized is washing clean of the old and raised in the new. Reemerging from the waters of baptism gives you a new zeal to enlist in God’s army. You will be prepared like never before to take on whatever the enemy brings.

We often forget about our most important ally in the fight for our souls; the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is our best battle buddy. Being around since before man was created, the Spirit has all the experience necessary to prepare you for just about any offense hell can throw at you.

Whether enlisted or drafted, you will be part of the spiritual warfare for the fate of your soul and those of your loved one. It is best to enlist willingly rather than feel forced. God wants a loving, giving heart that is willing to participate in His will. Faith — Prayer — Baptism — the Spirit are available to us all. Be ready, don’t get ready! The war is not coming, it has always been here. You must be ready.

James Fansler is chief of the Lake Placid Police Department.

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