President Donald Trump was caught trying to get “dirt” on his political opponent, Joe Biden, by asking a pointed favor from President Zelensky of Ukraine. Ukraine was getting the needed financial aid though, he would like a favor. And, therein is one reason for impeachment.

The second are all the requests for information, phone calls, e-mails and subpoenas that were refused or ignored which is an obstruction of Congress. How do you defend something that is indefensible? Everyone knows that he is guilty. It has been admitted.

The House impeached President Trump. The Senate gave him a pass that has and will have dire consequences. Our Constitution and our laws have been made a mockery of and for what reason? It is to keep a consummate liar, a naysayer, a man, I believe, who has no real understanding of this country, in office and get him reelected. We all know that the Senate trial was a sham.

If I am accused of wrongdoing, I will receive a fair trial including witnesses. What are the Republicans afraid of? They follow this man around as if he was a puppeteer and they are his puppets. Doesn’t anyone understand what is coming? Our Constitution is on the way to be broken. Another four years and you won’t be able to tell that we even have one. If you break it now, what will the future hold for the next generation and the one after that?

Right now our country is a time bomb. For instance, will we ever get out of the massive debt we are in? It only keeps getting larger all the time. What are we going to do to reduce it? I don’t hear a thing about it coming out of Washington.

Speaking of Washington, you remember George Washington. When the Revolution was over, this was the most beloved man in our new country. The people and founding fathers wanted to give him the title of “King.” He said absolutely not. They put their heads together and came up with the title of “President.” Are we going for “King” now?

Judith Eckstein