Everyone has a chance

Immigration. Think about our country. Where would we be without it? All those millions of people coming to America seeking a chance, a better life, a safe life, a life where their children could grow up without fear that everything you have would be taken away from you, so why bother.

They came because in their minds, “The streets were paved with gold.” Of course, this was not literal. In their minds, this meant that we all had a chance to make something of ourselves, become anything that we wanted to be. Most of all, to make this life a better one for our children. That’s what is meant by “The streets are paved with gold.” Everyone had a chance.

All our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents were free to work, have their children attend school, without having to pay tuition. If desired, they could go to night school to learn a trade, learn English, take courses to finish high school and if possible, enter college. They made sacrifices, took chances, worked hard, bettered themselves and hoped and tried so very hard so that their children or grandchildren would have an easier and better life moving the generations on to understand and appreciate the miracle of America.

Judith Eckstein


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