So far Highlands County has not seen the worst that could happen to us with the coronavirus epidemic. Right now in America there are areas where the outbreak is killing people who were infected by others. So why would a weekend in Highlands County have people having parties in their backyards and boats full of folks on our lakes?

Proof of the situation was this past weekend on lakes near the city of Lake Placid. Scores of boaters were out all day and into the night. Pontoon boats were touring the lakes packed with people. A handful of backyards had friends and family partying together. These homes were not in compliance with recommendations for limiting contact with others.

It didn’t take long to find out many of the folks partying were from Miami-Dade and Broward County. Two areas in Florida where most of the infected people are right now.

The invincibility beliefs of mostly young people were on full display. Because of no symptoms, young people infected with the coronavirus COULD be in close contact with friends and family.

Compliance with the mandates of limitations on close contact are going to be slow in coming. Unfortunately the speed of compliance will be adjusted as more people are infected, get sick and die here in Highlands County. Sad situation for all of us.

Jerry Green

Lake Placid