Imagine growing up in a midwestern farming community where corn fields covered as far as the eye could see. No internet. No shopping mall. No real store to speak of for miles. Yet, never being bored. I survived this life. Matter of fact, I miss it. God created too much for us to ever really be without something to do or somewhere to go.

It seems every time you turn around someone is complaining about “nothing to do in Highlands County,” and how it is somehow the responsibility of the local government bodies to supply everyone with entertainment. This won’t be a popular response but that has never stopped me before; your entertainment is your responsibility. Maybe that is worth repeating. Your entertainment is your responsibility. Nowhere in any constitution, resolution, or other official document does it state “We shall entertain the people.”

If you truly believe Highlands County is “boring,” then you are obviously missing the forest for the trees, so to speak. Perhaps looking up from time to time from the narrow focus that grabs your attention each day and take a look around you. Highlands is a rural, agriculturally rich county; it is not a place where Six Flags will be building an amusement park anytime soon. All you need to be entertained here is a bit of imagination and ambition to get up and move about.

There are over 100 lakes here in our great county that lend themselves to endless possibilities of entertainment. Boating. Fishing. Swimming. Learning. Each city has a historical district where you can learn the history of your hometown. How about Highlands Hammock? You can explore that park for days. Or go and learn of it’s history and how the CCC helped build it. Want to know what CCC stands for? Go to the park and find out. You will be amazed.

There are several city and county maintained parks for great outdoor entertainment. Lake Whales Ridge has miles and miles of trails that are just waiting for your feet to travel. Nature is not your thing? You want something a bit more technical? How about experimental aircraft? That is pretty intense and entertaining is it not? Your local airport, (you did know there is an airport here right?) has programs such as Young Eagles. Do a search on that device welded to your hand for Heartland EAA Chapter 1240.

Looking for more? How about Civil Air Patrol? They are always ready to entertain you. These are just a very few choices, I could literally go on and on about what you can do to be entertained in Highlands Co., but I turn the responsibility back to you. Open a newspaper, or check a number of social media sources and see upcoming events. You will find that you will most likely have a harder time deciding which or what to attend. Now go, explore Highlands Co.